Frequently Asked Questions

Are the shoes true to size?
All of our flats and sandals are very true to size. Due to the style and materials, our Jacqueline low pumps run about a half size bigger, i.e. if you are a true 8.5, we recommend ordering a size 8, but if you are between an 8.5 and 9, stick with the 8.5. If you have any questions email us at

How do I break my shoes in?
The easiest way we recommend to break your shoes in is to first use a blow dryer to soften the leathers in any area where the shoe is tight. Typically we recommend using the blow dryer to soften the toe box and the heel. We also recommend walking around your home while wearing your shoes and a pair of socks so the leathers, stretch ever so slightly. We also recommend using a touch of Vaseline on your skin in any areas where your shoes are rubbing.

Do you offer narrow shoes?
Currently, being a new company, we only offer a medium width; however, because the shoes are leather and they can stretch if needed we have seen a variety of both narrow feet and wide feet fit into our flats. Our sandals can fit a narrow foot all the way to a wider foot since the braid will stretch to your foot.

What do I do if my shoes do not fit?
Simply put the shoes back in the box that they came in and return to our office for a refund. Please address to 820 Bell Road, Unit B, Sarasota, FL 34240

Will your shoes fit me if I have a bunion?
We designed the toe box of the shoe around my mother's bunion. Although the shoes work for her feet they might not necessarily work for yours. If you order a pair of shoes and they do not work with your feet, simply return the shoes to the address listed above.

How do the sandals adjust?
You can adjust your sandals by sliding the leather loop along the braid to lengthen the strap or shorten it. You can also adjust the sandals by using the 4 holes on the strap.

How does the sandal hook work?
Simply wrap the long strap around your ankle and pull the hook past the buckle. Slip the hook in front of the buckle with the pointed tip facing upward. The pointed tip should hook on the outside of the strap and the square part of the hook should be on the inside of the sandal.

Do you offer overnight or express shipping?
Yes! We can make sure you get your shoes on time, please just send us an email at to make sure we push your order along and ship it appropriately.

Where did you get the idea to start Diana E Kelly?
Growing up my grandmother would share some of her favorite brooches with me. These beautiful pieces always had a story..and history. While in graduate school at UF, I thought wouldn't it be neat to create a whole shoe line encompassing beautiful brooches? Being a shoe enthusiast myself, I thought a collection like this would add something fresh and new to the industry, while incorporating classic styles and comfort. My dream is for every woman confidently wearing our shoes to know that every single detail was designed with a purpose and that our company goal is to make a philanthropic difference in communities across the United States.

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